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Imitation wood box,Imitation stone railings company profile
Chengdu tonly municipal engineering co., LTD
As it happens:The day of the return of Hong Kong,That is our guide in chengdu municipal engineering co., LTD. Was set up。After more than 20 spring and autumn period, Along the way,The company since the childhood,Full of hardships and glory。Based on the belief“Imitation wood imitation imitation stone into natural scenery in the world,Found forest cover of human ecological spirit”。Now,We are widening the road、Rio tinto……Tonly company mainly provide imitation wood box,Imitation stone railings,Imitation wood railing,Assembly...
Chengdu tonly company imitation stone railings
Chengdu tonly company imitation wood box is introduced
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Tonly company in chengdu imitation wood railing is introduced

We are a set design、Production、Construction as a whole“Imitation wood、Imitate stone、Imitation bamboo、GRCArtifacts”The professionalism of the company products。Try my best service in the municipal construction、Housing construction、Landscape、The new rural construction, and other fields。Company focused on now“Prefabricated ecological house、Imitation wood、Imitate stone、Imitation bamboo、GRCArtifacts”Product development and innovation,Constantly adapt to the society、The demand of the market。